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The Coaches Coach…

  • Dowzall is the person Sales leaders ask to build their Sales Dev
    programs and the coaching skills of their Sales Managers. ​

  • After an illustrious career in Sales at Microsoft Dowzall was inspired
    to build the Industry's first end to end Sales Dev cloud. Pipe9 was
    born and the P9 Sales Dev cloud has since been battle tested by
    Sales Managers across Microsoft and its partners.

  • Today Dowzall is focused on delivering a version of p9 for Microsoft
    Teams and using the power of AI to springboard Sales Dev Tech onto
    the top priority list of Sales Leaders all over the world.

What is P9 Plus?

  • P9 Pro Plus is a premier level version of the Sales Dev Cloud for Sales
    Leaders that desire Dowzall to transform their Sales Dev programs,
    build Role Excellence Profiles and coach Sales Managers to adopt
    the Sales Coaching Model.


“The most basic thing we
can do for Wingman
potential is to lead with a
growth mindset”

“Wingman” Role Excellence Team

Why Join this Team?Attend a 1hr Interview and a 1hr Wingman Team Session

  • Develop the clarity to focus on the most important drivers of success for your Wingman role

  • Meet with Wingman and woman peers and learn about best practices and stories of success

  • Learn about the skills adopted that drive top performance

  • Learn who to collaborate with and what shared expectations you should have

  • Learn the critical indicators of success for your role

  • Learn about career stages and what skills, experiences, behaviors distinguish each stage

  • Build the Wingman Excellence Profile and use it for role development and career planning

“Joining this team will teach you how to ‘loop the loop’ and become a top performing Cloud Solutions Advisor”

The work exceeded my expectations. Dowzall delivers your moneys worth and much more.
Petra Daiberl, Microsoft HR Manager

HI, I'm Dowzall. I don’t work at Pax8 and I'm not a Wingman (yet!), but I have built Cloud Solution Advisor Excellence Profiles for the Worlds largest Tech companies including Microsoft. The brilliant idea of the Wingman inspired me to invite the best Wingman and Woman from across Pax8 to build a Profile of Excellence for the Wingman role (think of this as the Wingman NorthStar). If you think this could be a valuable exercise, please join the team and attend a 1hr interview and a 1hr team session with your peers and its completely FREE!

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