The best-performing talent development in the Microsoft Eco-System.

Pipe9 uses excellence profiles + feedback + micro coaching to super-charge performance in just three conversations every qtr.

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  • I’m Solution Sales
  • I’m Sales Manager
  • I’m Tech Sales
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Excellence Profiles

From the Microsoft skills bank we create excellence profiles that define the winning practices and actions of top performers


Through micro-coaching we super-charge role development in just three conversations every qtr.

We grow your pool of top talent for just $59USD (1 Year Licence)

We give you access to the Microsoft bank of world class skills

We stop your talent falling of the performance cliff

We build the best talent in the Microsoft Eco-System

We re-engage with the talent who have disengaged from your business transformation

We grow your pool of top talent to 100%

Simple three step method that delivers superior results

Inspiring the Next Generation of Digital Talent

Pipe9 is ushering in a new era in talent development.
Through excellence profiles + our killer feedback app + three micro-coaching conversations every qtr.
We are inspiring the next generation of digital talent.

We specialize in building Excellence Profiles across Six Disciplines

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Sales, Marketing, Consulting, Technology, Customer Success & Partner

I’m Inside Sales

Develop your Inside Sellers, SDRs with modern selling practices that will supercharge sales results

You face new challenges with your Inside Sellers everyday. The old way of cold calling prospects won’t cut it anymore.
Pipe9 helps Inside Sellers leverage modern day sales practices to deliver superior results

Client Feedback


What Pipe9 do is give you the clarity and insight to pinpoint the right actions to take your sales to the next level

Greg olsby - Sr. Sales EXC & Strategy MGR